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Giving children the tools and understanding to make right choices in life, can lead them to lasting happiness


Living Wisdom School is a Pre-K to 12th grade school based on the Education for Life philosophy. This child-centered approach encourages a balanced development. Read our school’s COVID safety plan (CSP).

Our elementary teachers enrich their lessons with dance, songs, games, art, and experiences in nature. Our hope is to allow every moment of learning to also be a moment of joy.

- Students meet once a week for 60 minutes under the direction of Education for Life teachers
- Classes explore such themes as concentration, strengthening willpower, serving others, building empathy, and more
- Sessions are lively, highly interactive, fun, and challenging
- Students connect with peers from different countries who share an interest in personal development

High school is a time for self-discovery and adventure, to expand our boundaries and explore who we are meant to become, through the challenging and strengthening of the will.

Our Mission

The school’s mission is to provide students with a balanced education of body, feeling, will, and intellect in preparation for meeting life’s diverse challenges.

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    My daughter has been the student of Living Wisdom School (LWS) since a year now and as a child her joy knows no bounds. She is child who’s full of energy all the time and very enthusiastic almost always. LWS has given her the freedom to be herself. The principal, co-directors and co-founders of the school, not to mention every teacher is very kind, supportive and non judgemental. The children are not treated as factory made uniform goods, rather as unique identities who are moulded according to their particular characteristics, the way a potter moulds the clay. There is an element of experiential learning in every knowledge imparted to the children. The kids also work on their energy and awareness through energization techniques, meditation and yoga. The teachers do not come from the ego of knowing more than the children, but from the humility of being the facilitators, who also learn from the kids. In this environment the children learn to collaborate with each other rather than compete and actually appreciate each others strengths rather than feel jealous. So I’m certain that my daughter would grow up to be an authentic, joyful and confident adult with a voice and purpose of her own, and with these qualities in place, what can stop her from leading a successful life, in her own right. I want to end with tremendous gratitude towards every single soul who is a part of this school including the parents, who are able to see beyond the material realm.
    Anshu Todi
    My child enjoyed being at living wisdom school. They not only care for the academic well-being , but also for child’s emotional and social. Children are touch the toughest lessons by simple daily examples. Interaction is the main activity which makes children active, expressive and helps children interact and respond to the situations rather than react towards them

    Swami Kriyananda (Co-Founder of Education for Life) Exchanging Magnetism with Children


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