Living Wisdom School

Living Wisdom School

Children Summer Fest

Enjoy to Visits different Places in Pune

  1. NDA
  2. Tribal Museum
  3. ABC Farms (Learn how cheese and certain product made)
  4. Agakhan Palace
  5. Blind School
  6. Green Tokery (How veggies and fruits grow & pack, how they make produce out of it)

 *Some Tasty Meal at ABC Farm & Green tockery will be provided.
 * A Kit & T-Shirt will also be provided.
 *Travel cost will be included for visits & tickets for visiting these various places will also included in the fees

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Previous Summerfest memories 

Our Inspiring Teachers 

Seema Joshi


Zenia Modi


Prisha Kirby

Programming Head

Pradnya Kulkarni


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